A Celebration of Kevin McGrath

A snapshot of Kevin McGrath taken in Maleas, Greece in June, 2023. This posting, originally dated October 15, 2023, is now re-posted. The re-dating is November 4, 2023, though the actual writing here is dated November 8. The writer of  this re-posting is an old friend of… Read more

On the Kalīla wa-Dimna

2023.11.02 | By Olga M. Davidson §0. This pre-edited standalone essay, included in a series of pamphlets published online and also in print (“on-demand”), consists of two parts. Part I is a pre-edited rewriting of a shorter essay (Davidson 2015a) originally published in a book edited by Regula Forster and… Read more

Iliad 18.599-602: The Simile of the Potter & the Wheel

Iliad 18.599-602: The Simile of the Potter & the Wheel 2023.10.11 | by Stan Burgess §1 A modern potter would be somewhat baffled upon encountering an ancient Greek predecessor at work on the wheel. That the wheel oscillated noticeably as it turned would surely intimidate our time-traveling… Read more

In Memory of Gloria Ferrari Pinney, 1941-2023

An internationally renowned classical archaeologist and art historian, Gloria Ferrari was born in Bologna and received her Laurea in Lettere Classiche at Università degli Studi di Roma and her Ph.D. in 1976 from the University of Cincinnati. She taught at Wilson College, Bryn Mawr College (where she was the Doreen… Read more

An occlusion of Xerxes in medieval Persian epic

2023.09.29 | By Olga M. Davidson This pre-edited standalone essay is presented in honor of Pierre Judet de La Combe, whom I first met, together with Greg, in September 1975, almost half a century ago, at the apartment of Jean and Mayotte Bollack in Paris. Among the young classicists there… Read more

Variations on the idea of a gleam that blinded Homer

2023.09.29 | By Gregory Nagy This pre-edited standalone essay is dedicated to my dear colleague and friend  Pierre Judet de La Combe, on the occasion of a happy celebration, in Paris, of his radiant life and times. I start with a story told in a set of ancient myths about the life of Homer. In that story, Homer was blinded by a gleam of light that emanated from the shining bronze armor of… Read more

Signs of Hero Cult in Homeric Poetry

By Gregory Nagy | 2023.09.13 This standalone essay, re-edited online in Classical Continuum, is Pamphlet #7 (2024) in a series of pamphlets printed by the non-profit publisher ΕΠΟΨ in partnership with The New Alexandria Foundation. §0. My essay here (2023.09.13) is an updating of an earlier version… Read more