Pausanias 5.13.7, on Aphrodite and her myrtle tree

2022.03.07 | By Gregory Nagy §0. In Classical Inquiries, 2021.04.010, I wrote an essay about a reference made by Pausanias 5.13.7 to a wooden statue of Aphrodite that had been carved into the living wood of a myrtle tree that was supposed to be so old as to date back… Read more

A reader for travel-study in Greece, starting at 2022.02.28

edited by Kelly Lambert, Gregory Nagy, and other contributors, especially Elizabeth Gipson and Aoki Lee Simmons Map of Greece keyed to the ten scrolls of Pausanias, Description of Greece §0. Introduction by Gregory Nagy 2018.03.05, updated 2022.02.28 The essays in this reader are designed… Read more

Comments on comparative mythology 1, about Apollo

2020.02.14, rewritten 2022.02.14 | By Gregory Nagy Inscribed, by the hand of Georges Dumézil, on the front page of a copy of his book, Apollon sonore, 1982. §0. This essay, posted in Classical Continuum and dated for Valentine’s Day 2022.02.14, is a rewriting of an essay posted in Classical… Read more

The Ancient Greek Hero in 24 Hours: Sourcebook

Executive Editors: Keith DeStone, Sarah Scott Production Manager, Center for Hellenic Studies: Noel Spencer Production Editor, HarvardX: Sarah Scott A collection of open-source English translations of Classical texts for use with the EdX course The Ancient Greek Hero. Read more

A Pausanias commentary in progress, restarted

2022.01.24 | By Gregory Nagy Here in Classical Continuum, I restart what I had described as an ongoing project in a posting for Classical Inquiries (Nagy 2020.08.07): My description there, in the introduction to that post, is by now out of date. At the time of my writing that introduction,… Read more