Ferdowsi’s Ecumenism in the Shahnama

2023.11.13, an abridged and pre-edited version an earlier essay | By Olga M. Davidson Ferdowsi reading the Shahnameh to Shah Maḥmud of Ghazni (1913). Vardges Sureniants (Armenian, 1860–1921). Image via Wikimedia Commons. Since 2001, I have been working on an ongoing project of translating and commenting on… Read more

A Celebration of Kevin McGrath

A snapshot of Kevin McGrath taken in Maleas, Greece in June, 2023. This posting, originally dated October 15, 2023, is now re-posted. The re-dating is November 4, 2023, though the actual writing here is dated November 8. The writer of  this re-posting is an old friend of… Read more

On the Kalīla wa-Dimna

2023.11.02 | By Olga M. Davidson §0. This pre-edited standalone essay, included in a series of pamphlets published online and also in print (“on-demand”), consists of two parts. Part I is a pre-edited rewriting of a shorter essay (Davidson 2015a) originally published in a book edited by Regula Forster and… Read more