MASt – Fall Seminar 2021 (Friday, December 17)

MASt – Fall Seminar 2021 (Friday, December 17): Summaries of Presentations and Discussion §1. Rachele Pierini opened the Fall session of the MASt seminars by welcoming the participants to the December meeting. In addition to the regular members of the MASt network, colleagues and students who have already attended previous… Read more

MASt Seminar Summer 2022 (Friday, July 8)

MASt – Summer Seminar 2022 (Friday, July 8): Summaries of Presentations and Discussion §1.1. Rachele Pierini opened the Summer session of the MASt seminars by presenting the different structure of the July event, which hosted the mentor(s) and mentee session. During… Read more

The Fragmentary Muse and the Poetics of Refraction in Sappho, Sophocles, Offenbach

2009 rewritten 2024.02.11 | By Gregory Nagy [[This essay originally appeared in 2009 in  Theater des Fragments: Performative Strategien im Theater zwischen Antike und Postmoderne (eds. A. Bierl, G. Siegmund, Ch. Meneghetti, C. Schuster) 69-102. In this expanded online edition, the page-numbers of the print edition will be indicated within braces (“{” and “}”). For example,… Read more

Some imitations of Pindar and Sappho by Horace

2015.12.31 | By Gregory Nagy Horace’s imitations of Sappho in Ode 4.1 and of Pindar in Ode 4.2 show his deep understanding of archaic Greek lyric poetry. Particularly striking is his visualization of Icarus in Ode 4.2 as a negative model for such poetry. The artificial wings of Icarus are seen as a foil for the natural wings of the swan, the sacred bird of Apollo, who is god of… Read more

A Celebration of Kevin McGrath

A snapshot of Kevin McGrath taken in Maleas, Greece in June, 2023. This posting, originally dated October 15, 2023, is now re-posted. The re-dating is November 4, 2023, though the actual writing here is dated November 8. The writer of  this re-posting is an old friend of… Read more