Comments on comparative mythology 1, about Apollo

2020.02.14, rewritten 2022.02.14 | By Gregory Nagy Inscribed, by the hand of Georges Dumézil, on the front page of a copy of his book, Apollon sonore, 1982. §0. This essay, posted in Classical Continuum and dated for Valentine’s Day 2022.02.14, is a rewriting of an essay posted in Classical… Read more

A Pausanias commentary in progress, restarted

2022.01.24 | By Gregory Nagy Here in Classical Continuum, I restart what I had described as an ongoing project in a posting for Classical Inquiries (Nagy 2020.08.07): https://classical-inquiries.chs.harvard.edu/ongoing-comments-on-a-pausanias-reader-in-progress/. My description there, in the introduction to that post, is by now out of date. At the time of my writing that introduction,… Read more

Penelope and her twin

2021.11.10 | By Natasha Bershadsky John Roddam Spencer Stanhope (1829-1908), Penelope at her loom (1864). Image via Wikimedia Commons. There are two girls, or young women, portrayed on John Roddam Spencer Stanhope’s painting called Penelope. Both are barefoot; neither is cheerful. One, who is seated, is… Read more