Gloria Ferrari Pinney

On Ancient Greek Bronzes, Part 2

2016.02.29, rewritten 2024.05.27 | By Keith DeStone Bronze head, 227–221 BCE. The head is said to be of Antigonos Doson in the guise of Poseidon, but Gloria Ferrari Pinney has argued that Homer is the correct identification. Museum of Fine Arts Houston. Photo by Rob Shelley. This is to… Read more

On Ancient Greek Bronzes, Part 1

2016.02.23, rewritten 2024.05.26 | By Keith DeStone Bronze head depicting Arsinoe II, Greek, Ptolemaic Hellenistic Period ca. 300–270 BCE. This is to memorialize a public event held at the National Gallery of Art on February 18, 2016 titled “A priestess or a goddess: The problem of… Read more