By Gregory Nagy

Homo ludens in the world of ancient Greek verbal art

Rewritten in Classical Continuum 2023.12.29 from Classical Inquiries 2015.10.15 | By Gregory Nagy Mosaic showing theatrical masks of comedy and tragedy, from the Baths of Decius on the Aventine Hill, Rome, 2nd century CE. [image by antmoose, CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons This essay is dedicated to my… Read more

Sappho from ground zero

2023.12.26 | By Gregory Nagy Preface This book about the songs of Sappho is one of three standalone volumes that belong to a series of works published in Classical Continuum—some of those works appear both online and in print while others appear only online. As I… Read more

Variations on the idea of a gleam that blinded Homer

2023.09.29 | By Gregory Nagy This pre-edited standalone essay is dedicated to my dear colleague and friend  Pierre Judet de La Combe, on the occasion of a happy celebration, in Paris, of his radiant life and times. I start with a story told in a set of ancient myths about the life of Homer. In that story, Homer was blinded by a gleam of light that emanated from the shining bronze armor of… Read more

Text and reperformance: do you really need a text for your reperformance?

posted 2021.06.24, to be reperformed 2021.06.30 | By Gregory Nagy §0. This presentation offers friendly criticism of the views of classicists who use such terms as "text" and "reperformance" without fully taking into account various comparative perspectives that have for some time been made available by way of typological descriptions of "live" performance as observed and analyzed in a wide variety of ethnographical studies. Read more

Ancient Greek heroes, athletes, poetry Part I: Twelve Olympian Essays – Essay 6: Reconstructing Indo-European mythological traditions that shaped the role of Hēraklēs as athlete

2022.07.25 | By Gregory Nagy §0. Applying methods of reconstruction as I outlined them in the Excursus of Essay 5, I will now start to reconstruct what I have described as Indo-European mythological traditions that shaped the role of Hēraklēs as an athlete, or, to say it better, the role… Read more