Annotation on Genre, Occasion, and Choral Mimesis Revisited—with special reference to the “newest Sappho”

My sentence here in §55 about line 910 in the Electra of Euripides as worded in the original version of 2015.10.01 has been rewritten 2021.07.12, thanks to the guidance of my esteemed colleague Marco Fantuzzi, whom I invite to add a further annotation to the annotation I am making here. He points out to me that my old wording would make the reader think that Electra here is addressing his brother directly, whereas in fact she is addressing the corpse of Aigisthos, who has just been killed in revenge for the sufferings he inflicted on the sister and the brother. The same rewording as here, 2021.07.12, is needed in the printed version of my essay, at p. 51 of Nagy, G. 2019. “Genre, Occasion, and Choral Mimesis Revisited, with Special Reference to the ‘Newest Sappho’.” In Genre in Archaic and Classical Greek Poetry, ed. M. Foster, L. Kurke, and N. Weiss, 31–54 = Part 1, “Keynote Address.” Mnemosyne Supplements 428. Vol. 4 of Studies in Archaic and Classical Greek Song. Leiden and Boston. Open Access.

That said, I now invite Marco Fantuzzi to add his own annotation, which he has generously agreed to contribute to Classical Inquiries, about line 910 of the Electra.